BeiJing Honine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is committed to "using modern biotechnology to improve people's health" and provide comprehensive services for human health. Gongjiu Biology upholds the concept of "Functional Food Popularization and Popular Food Functionalization". It owns a number of series of brands to meet the increasingly diversified needs with a rich product line. The product line covers nutritional food, functional food, health care products, cosmetic products, special medical food and other different categories.

DRE brand, ELANARA brand and other products can fully meet the health needs of people of different ages. With first-class quality and outstanding results, they are welcomed and trusted by the vast number of consumers, and have won the favor of many customers, with a good market share and brand reputation. Gongjiu Biology is marching into the international market with its vigorous posture, making unremitting efforts to build the world's most influential brand of health leadership!