Aiming at the important frontier of modern life science, focusing on the fields of cell, gene, functional polypeptide and proteomics. Through close cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harvard University and other internationally renowned research institutions, Hong Jiu Academy of Sciences has become the carrier unit of international advanced technology research incubation, application promotion and academic exchanges, constantly promoting academic exchanges and interdisciplinary integration, and promoting the industrialization of life sciences.

The Gongjiu Academy of Sciences has a hundred-level laboratory, a large biochemical, physical and chemical laboratory, a scientific research department and an academic lecture hall at the level of the National Academy of Sciences. There are many well-known scholars and experts and professors from the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and other countries in the R&D team. As an open platform for academic innovation, Hong Jiu Academy of Sciences has launched a number of major high-tech projects to promote human health. It has made remarkable achievements in the field of life science research and has made important contributions to China's life science becoming a world power.